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Tools to Quit Smoking: Webb Wesconnett Library

/Tools to Quit Smoking: Webb Wesconnett Library
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The Free TTQ session usually lasts two (2) hours. Each participant is given a participant workbook, a quit day bag with items such as: stress ball, water bottle, educational materials and a Free four (4) week supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapy, (patch, lozenge or gum).

Developed by the Florida AHEC network, the Tools to Quit (TTQ) program was created with the intent to provide the people of the state of Florida with an alternative to the Quit Smoking Now (QSN) six week program. The TTQ format is appropriate for those who are unable or unwilling to attend multiple sessions, and might be especially appealing to work sites and businesses wishing to assist their employees.

Participants that express interest or could benefit from additional sessions are encouraged to attend the six (6) week QSN classes or call the Florida QuitLine or call NEFAHEC @ (877) 784-8486 for more information and to register!


***Classes will be held in Conference Room B