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Health Career Preparation Programs

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Health Career Preparation Programs

Northeast Florida Area Health Education Center is a leader in providing programs that support and encourage students to become future health professionals by providing access to academic enrichment programs.  These health career preparation programs greatly improve the supply and diversity of the health workforce in north Florida.  To accomplish this objective, Northeast Florida AHEC recruits students from disadvantaged backgrounds based on economic, geographical (rural or urban-inner city), educational opportunity disparities and/or underrepresented ethnic or cultural groups in the health professions. Through collaboration with our community partners (including county health departments, community health centers, rural hospitals and clinics, private physicians and academic institutions), Northeast Florida AHEC is able to increase the knowledge of health careers (including public health) for students.
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Health Career Exploration Tours

The Health Career Exploration Tours program exposes high school students to a series of half-day clinical tours to clinics in our Northeast Florida region. Students selected will shadow and have direct learning experiences with health care professionals, and conduct brief interviews with a variety of healthcare providers to include nurses, physicians, physician assistants, dentists and dental assistants.

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Health Care Summer Institute

Participants of this program get the opportunity to shadow health care professions and attend workshops on study skills and test taking, including a preparatory course for the SAT.  Students reside on-campus housing at the University of Florida and are supervised by the camp coordinator and health profession students who serve as camp counselors.