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Wellness Programs

Clean Eating by Design

Do NOT miss this opportunity to turn your Workplace into a Wellplace by giving your employees the tools, education, and inspiration they need to make lasting life transformation. Learn what Eating Clean and Food Prep is all about and how it can transform your body, mind, life, and family. Come hungry and leave empowered as we get YOU started on the road to more vibrant health! This deluxe workshop includes a Food Prep Demo with Handout, Recipe Tasting (choose from our favorites: Organic Chicken Taco Soup, Quinoa Black Bean Salad, Pumpkin Banana Protein Muffins, and MORE!), Starter Clean Eating Recipe Book, Starter Grocery Shopping List, Super Food Nutrition Guide, and Wellness Handouts.  (1 Session)

Fitness by Design

JUMP into our Fitness by Design Workshop series! This educational, interactive workshop was created using the scientifically-based guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Whether you are a beginner seeking that starting place, or someone who has already made exercise and physical activity a part of your lifestyle, this 3-Session workshop will give you and your employees the specific tools you need to create your own Personalized Exercise Prescription and take your fitness program to the next level. This workshop includes the PAR-Q+ Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, Aerobic Status & Training Focus Guidelines, Multi-Stage Walking & Jogging Program Guide, Multi-Stage Cross Training Program Guide, In-class exercise demo w/optional hands-on training session, and a Personalized Exercise Prescription.  (3 Sessions)

The Beat on the Heart

Your Team will get to work directly with Dr. Mary Robinson, Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. Your employees will not only acquire a working knowledge of their heart, respiratory and circulatory systems from Dr. Mary – she will also guide them through a complete interactive component where they will end up “teaching” one another about the major risk factors contributing to heart disease and what they can do to lower their own risk and increase protective factors.  This class is changing the culture of health within companies and inspiring employees to a lifestyle of authentic wellness.  This workshop includes an Educational Video Training on the Anatomy & Physiology of the Heart, 30 page Syllabus written by Dr. Mary, Risk Factor Handouts, Heart Health Nutrition Guidelines, and a cumulative Q & A Session with Dr. Mary.  (3 Sessions)

Biz Fit Nutrition

Northeast Florida Area Health Education Center (AHEC) and the University of North Florida (UNF) have joined hands to put together this unique, cutting edge 12-week Biz Fit Nutrition Workshop. This in-depth curriculum has been developed by the UNF Department of Nutrition and Dietetics whose team is led by Dr Catherine Christie, Associate Dean, UNF Brooks College of Health. In this workshop your employees will receive education and guidance to go to the grocery store and make wise choices – new choices – choices that will support a brand new healthy lifestyle. Each week there is a challenge that directly relates to meal planning, food choices, grocery shopping trips, etc. Over the course of the 12 weeks, your employees will be empowered to make gradual changes and learn what healthy eating looks like, how it can affect their lifestyle, and how they can REALLY make it work within their own lives and families. Interactive sessions include: Healthy Eating, Carbs & Fiber, Protein & Fat, Label Reading, Healthy Cooking, Benefits of Exercise, Grocery Store Tour, Mindful Eating, Eating Well on a Budget, Food Safety, Dietary Trends, and Nutrition Jeopardy.  (12 Sessions)

Biz Fit Weight Management

America has become a culture saturated with high-calorie foods and physical inactivity; approximately two-thirds of people are now either overweight or obese. This intense 12-week Weight Management Workshop was created by Dr. Catherine Christie, PhD, and her team at the University of North Florida Department of Nutrition and Dietetics and is only offered through Biz Fit Wellness. Each session is engaging and interactive with games, role plays, fact sheets, handouts, recipes, and more. In this series your employees will receive the in-depth education, tools, and coaching they need to achieve and maintain their healthiest weight ever! Life transforming sessions include: Healthy Eating, Balancing Calories to Manage Weight. Nutrition for Better Health, Portion Distortion, Healthy Eating Out, Meal Patterns. Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease, Functional Foods, Diet Trends and Fads, and Weight Management Jeopardy.  (12 Sessions)

Women’s Health

 Women play a pivotal role in today’s society, both at home and in the workplace. Finding balance can be a challenging task. This 3 session workshop will empower women to lower their risk of breast and cervical cancer, prevent osteoporosis, prepare for and manage menopause, lower their cholesterol and more, giving them the tools and skills they need to make health and wellness a true priority. This Workshop Series was created exclusively for Biz Fit Wellness by Dr. Mary K Robinson, M.D.,  Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. This workshop includes education, handouts, role play, and more, culminating in a valuable Q & A session with Dr. Mary.  (3 Sessions)

Men’s Health

By taking action now, men can make their health a priority too! Some of the leading causes of death among males include heart disease, cancer, unintentional injuries, chronic respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes, and suicide. This workshop series will provide a safe place to discuss personal health issues and provide your employees with the education and tools they need to make healthier personal choices, seek quality primary medical care, and condition their body for a healthy mind and life.  (3 Sessions)

Financial Freedom

One of the top sources of stress in America is debt and poor money management. This workshop will give your employees the education, tools, and keys they need to learn how to successfully budget, plan for the future, and become debt free. Your employees will discover how to transform their finances and in the process reduce stress and significantly improve their wellbeing. This is a must-have workshop for everyone and is also offered in a special format called “Moneywise Kids” for kids and teens as well.  (3 Sessions)

For more information, contact Jennifer Smidt, Federal and Wellness Coordinator, at (904) 482-0189 EXT. 119

or contact Sherri Cheshire, Senior Program Manager, at (904) 482-0189 EXT. 111.